SounD      The ambient music is provided by a small Flash file hidden on this page. a :30 second water and nature clip downloaded through .aiff formated then processed through Flash and exported as a sound file; .swf

1. Stop Ambient sound   <––– this is what this page's links look like; pink and that size. CSS applies this.


How to Play sound with an event (onClick/onmouseOver) trigger. See example below.

1. Select the link (either text or image) that will control the sound.
2. Open the Behaviors panel. Click Add (+). Under '~Deprecated' choose 'Play Sound'
3. Select your sound file by clicking the 'browse' button. Click 'Choose'.
4. Select the desired event (onLoad, onClick, onMouseover etc...) to play the music/sound.
6. Test your file in a web browser.
  2. This is an Example

  This is the Flash file (5 pixels by 5 pixels). Tiny. I could have made it black. You would have never seen it.––>    
    3. Play Dylan/Dap Kings Remix "You go your Way"