An external .html page is provided. It will be opened through the behavior /open browser window/. The chosen text link
is made to act like a link with the # sign designating the link on the properties palette.

Play Flash Video Halo Skin 2 controls & open browser window behavior

Play Quicktime open browser window behavior


No external .html page is linked. Simply directly link the text link to the movie.

Even Simpler. Just Play it. Generate a window automatically and play Quicktime (or .wmv, .mov, .waf, .pdf, .aiff, .jpg, etc...). User is forced to back up with browser controls.

Quicktime Integrated in a Page. (Flash works the same with a .swf) Movie placed with the /media plugin/ option under media on the common tool bar
(beside the tree). Make sure there is enough space where you are going to place the move.