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*PORTFOLIO   |   1992-2010


Autumn Radio

Not so far from here,
There is a place where the leaves blaze with colors at the end of September.

And Octoberfest comes a month early.

Where the skeet are flying in flocks of dozens.

Parents unwind and kids catapult through the air.

There is a place where glistening fairways veiled in light morning fog lift to mountain peaks.

On mornings like this we’re wearing sweaters… in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Here the brilliant colors of Autumn come early… so at Snowshoe we celebrate Octoberfest in September,
so you can enjoy our unique Rimfire sunset over some of the most beautiful fall foliage anyplace has to offer.

Snowshoe is truly a full service resort; offering a rustic elegance that caters to the whole family.
No matter what your favorite outdoor activity from the reverse bungee jump and climbing wall to a
top rated golf course, mountain biking trails and match grade skeet shooting, From primitive camping to
sophisticated dining, Snowshoe’s got it all.

(bring the family) Spend a weekend at Snowshoe in September for only $39 per person.
Price includes lodging and meals on the surprisingly sophisticated side.

September is a special time to be in Snowshoe

Climb Snowshoe Mountain.

Come into the village.

Warm yourself by the fire.

Autumn is waiting.

*Any weekend in September for only $39 dollars. Octoberfest is September 22 at Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia.


Snowshoe ski resort work: 2001-02

Various projects