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Advertising work: 2005

Carpet support materials

Copywriter: me

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Does your carpet fit your lifestyle?
Do you have a pet?
Do you have kids?
Do you ever get down on the floor and play?
How do you feel about textures, colors and patterns?
Do you want a floor coverings that is durable and easy to clean yet still looks
great and feels amazing?
Have you thought about carpet lately? Modern carpets are more advanced than
ever. Today's carpets offer almost limitless opportunities in pattern, texture and
color as well as new ultra-soft and stain resistant fibers that bring a new
dimension to the world's most comfortable flooring. Today's carpets are better
than ever.
We have a carpet that is just right for your lifestyle. Come by (store name)
Today. We're located at (location). And let us show you how today's carpets can
fit your lifestyle.

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Shades of Brown
Is brown your favorite color? What about beige? Or tan? With most floor coverings
colors are limited.
Color is the flavor of life. We all have different tastes. So it's nice to have
unlimited choices. Carpet is the only floor covering that offers such a wide
range of colors to choose from. And only carpet offers so many unique patterns,
textures and feels.
Everybody enjoys the warmth, softness, and ease of care that carpets offer,
but it's nice to know that no matter what your taste in color carpet's got your
covered with the most comfortable floor covering available.
Come by and look what carpet is doing now. Advanced new stain protections,
ultra-soft fibers and vibrant new color combinations will awaken your senses.
Find the carpets to flavor your life at (store name) Located on....(location)

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Berber Man
He's a Berber Man. He likes to keep things simple. He's not looking for the
overly complicated. But he is looking for the highest quality. He doesn't need
a floor covering that demands constant attention. A high maintenance floor isn't
going to get it. A Berber Man's floor has to look great, last forever and require
little upkeep.
A Berber carpet's short, pulled-down, easy to care for construction combines
understated fashion with unsurpassed function. Berber simply makes your life
If you're looking for a high-quality, durable and simply beautiful floor coverings
(store name) has got a Berber that's right for you. Come by (store name). We're
located at (location) Come in today and let us help make your life easier with
our huge selection of quality floor coverings.


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When families and friends get together in celebration good times are in the air,
good food is on the table and inevitably a good deal of things end up on the
floor. Whether it's uncle Ted stretching out for an after dinner nap or a mishandled
slice of aunt Betty's famous cherry pie, carpet's got you covered.
No floor covering is more comfortable or more inviting. And with modern ultrasoft
stain resistant fibers, carpet has never been easier to care for. And only
carpet offers an almost limitless choice of patterns, textures and colors that
enhance the warmth of being with those we care about most.
It's always the right season for today's carpet. Come by (store name and location)
and this (holiday) keep good feelings in the air and let carpet keep good feelings
on the floor.